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Exhibitors FAQs

Booth Content FAQs

How many areas are there to upload content in the virtual booth?

The number of content spaces is dependent on the size of the booth purchased. The bigger the booth, the more content areas.

What files are supported in the content space of my virtual booth?

o Images: JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG o Videos: MP4 o Documents: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX o Links: to any page. (Meetings, Forms, Websites, etc) o Embed Code: like forms or videos

Can content be downloadable in my virtual booth?

Yes! Downloadable content is available in your virtual booth. Items like brochures, videos, contact information, and more can all be downloadable to attendees.

Q: Are there branding areas in my virtual booth?

Yes. Your virtual booth will have a number of branding areas depending on size. High resolution logos with transparent backgrounds are ideal. Branding areas are non-interactive, so you will not be able to click on them.

What do I need to know about portrait and landscape content inside my virtual booth?

If the content area is portrait, then the content that needs to fill it should be portrait as well. Otherwise, it will be distorted or stretched to fill that area. The same goes for landscape as well.

How often can I change the content in my booth?

You can buy content refreshes all year long.

What is the difference between the content area and the branding area of my virtual booth?

The content area can include links and interactive features. The branding area is not interactive and is meant for company logos, product logos, etc.

Design FAQs

What is the difference between a small, medium, and large virtual booth?

Similar to physical booths, the virtual booths have more content spaces available depending on the size, as well as more square foot space. A small booth will have the base number of content spaces and more will be added as the booth size increases.

What size virtual booth is recommended?

If an exhibitor has a medium or large booth in a physical expo, it is recommended to get the same size in a virtual booth. However, if an exhibitor has a small booth in a physical expo, a bigger booth would benefit them. A larger virtual booth allows for a bigger footprint year-round.

What is a custom booth?

A custom booth is developed to look exactly like an exhibitor’s physical booth. The virtual booth is integrated into the platform for attendees to view year-round. It includes all of the features of the platform and is interactive.

What do I need to give you for a custom booth?

We require a CAD/3D Max file and any content you would like featured in your booth. Any video or render of your booth is a plus.

Can I change the colors of my virtual booth?

Yes. Each virtual booth has customizable accent colors that can be changed to corporate colors or a hex code color.

How long does it take to build a virtual booth?

Around 1-2 weeks after we have received your content.

Can I view my virtual booth before it goes live?

Yes. We will show you a preview of the virtual booth and you will be able to request changes before it goes live.

Virtual Booth Features FAQs

How can we interact with visitors in our virtual booth?

One on one live chat and video chat are available features in the SIM-EXPO system.

What other features are available in my virtual booth?

Virtual booths can have live chat, forum topics of your choosing, and contact forms.

What is the backpack feature in the virtual platform?

The backpack features allows you to save your favorite booths, content, and exhibitors all in the same place that you can access whenever you want.

What can be added to the virtual backpack?

Almost everything! Your favorite virtual booths, webinars, videos, images, documents, contacts, exhibitors, and so on!

Promotion and Marketing FAQs

How long is my virtual booth available to view by attendees?

It is available for 12 months after the booth goes live. It is also renewable on an annual basis.

Can I purchase sponsorship areas like main venues, homepage placement, large category thumbnails, etc.?

Yes! Sponsorships are available throughout the platform for exhibitors who have purchased a medium, large, or custom booth.

Are analytics for my virtual booth available?

Yes. Each virtual booth has an analytics section available to booth admin (the exhibitor). Virtual booths can collect year-round data on the number of booth visitors, downloads, freebie requests, raffle participants, messages left, and overall year-round lead generation.

What is an exhibitor showcase?

An exhibitor showcase allows an exhibitor to showcase all of their booths, products, webinars, contacts, etc. into one centralized location (think Amazon shop ---- or eBay store for a particular vendor). This is a very prestigious and dedicated offering by an exhibitor. This feature is only available to exhibitors with a minimum of a medium-sized booth.

Can I promote a link to my virtual booth via email or newsletter?

Yes. However, when users click that link, they will be prompted to the login screen, at which they will need to register and get a username and password, then it will take them to your booth. If the user has previously registered, they simply have to login and it will take them to your booth.

What else can I do to promote my virtual booth year-round.

Typically, exhibitors promote their virtual booths by offering year-round freebies, giveaways, webinars, newsletters, education, etc. Exhibitors can also refresh all their booth content/products a couple of times a year.